Born in the tropical paradise of Savu Savu

In October of 2016 on the island of Savu Savu, Fiji, our Founder CEO was celebrating her birthday with a girlfriend. Sipping club sodas with lime, natch on the beach one evening, the two swapped horror stories about trying to date as sober women. They faced the same issues: feeling pushed to meet at a bar, invasive questions about their pasts, and people showing up to dates already drunk. These shared experiences begged the question: why isn’t there an app for people who want to date conscious rather than blacked out? The seed for Club Soda was planted.

Meet Our Founder CEO
Jennique Mason
Jennique knows the value of putting yourself first in order to live a spectacular life. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she graduated from UC Berkeley in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies. 13 years of business management experience in commercial real estate taught Jennique how to create long-term value financially for investors as well as employees. Jennique got sober in 2013 and credits this decision with making her dreams not just possibilities, but tangible realities. She considers it her life’s passion to serve her community by creating ways for sober people to connect, thrive, and find their joy.