Can I use this app if I’m not sober?
Club Soda is for sober, sober-curious, and sober-friendly people who want to connect with each other. We don’t require membership in any program, “clean time,” or drug testing, LOL, as our members are as varied as the definitions of sobriety. However, we ask that you respect this as a space for people whose lives don’t revolve around alcohol or other substances. In order to keep the app safe and comfortable for sober/sober-adjacent people, we entrust our users to identify honestly as such. This way, we can continue to bring you the dream experience: a virtual dating pool in the sober realm.
Do you sell my data?
NO. Club Soda will never sell your data to third-party companies.
Is it free?
Club Soda is currently completely free to all private beta testers. In the future, as we expand and become available publicly, we will provide perks for paid users. There will always be features you can access for free. Since we don’t sell data, subscriptions to our paid membership will help ensure that we can continue to help you date refreshed, without compromising your privacy.