Drink Refreshed!
Your Sober Beverage Roundup

Sip Clean Rosé

Here is a de-alcoholized sparkling rosé as golden pink and shimmering as the sunset you’ll want to drink it watching. Although the alcohol has been removed, it definitely smells like the real thing; in fact, it might alarm someone who used to think every hour was wine o’clock (so I’ve heard, could never be me, etc). Triggers aside, I would happily drink this at a daytime outdoor function or to celebrate a life event. Its acidity is clean, with no alcoholic bite, which makes it actually refreshing. Plus, a little goes a long way — you’re not chugging this stuff, but sipping with intention, which is great accompaniment to the slow savoring of a celebratory moment. It’s more than an a/f “prop”, it’s truly satisfying. Also, it’s not sweet or grape-juicy at all, which further elevates the flavor profile and general classy vibes we’re going for.

Sunwink Turmeric Recover Sparkling Tonic

Sunwink is essentially sparkling water with a little something extra, somewhere between a crisp LaCroix and a mood-boosting herbal tea. It makes a great alcohol alternative, and the ingredients list is to die for: in this case, maple syrup, lemon juice, turmeric, and potent ginger and rosemary extracts. We love that it contains real botanicals, not just “natural flavors,” and that’s why we prefer it to bubbly water when we want an actual lift in our spirits and a little extra pep in our step. They even use a clinical herbalist to concoct their combinations, so you know you can sip with confidence that this beverage is going to do the most. We’re super excited to try their other flavors like Detox Ginger and Hibiscus Mint —with so much plant-powered goodness, these would be a match made in heaven for your most creative mocktails!

Hiyo Social Tonic

Hiyo is wise to brand itself as an alcohol alternative, because it truly provides something that replaces booze altogether — without trying to replicate it. Not a mocktail, not CBD, and definitely not a juice, Hiyo is in a class of its own. We tried the Blackberry Lemon and Watermelon Lime flavors, and were delighted by the entire experience, from the effervescent, colorful pour over ice to the gentle floaty feeling that can best be described as sober, but extra…comfortable? In other words, we loved it. But let’s talk about the flavor. Hiyo is the perfect balance of delicate and deep. We’re looking for complexity in an alcohol-free drink, because who wants to just sip on a glorified Hawaiian Punch from the kids’ table as a newly-classy sober adult? Watermelon Lime was the favorite of our bottle shop clerk, and we loved its subtle citrus kick over mildly sweet watermelon. But our holy grail n/a beverage may have been found in Blackberry Lemon. Its extremely low sugar content made way for the berries and acid to complement each other like we’ve never tasted before. It’s a full-bodied effect that can only be experienced without the cloying sweetness that’s usually used to showcase fruit. This is fruit taking center stage, shining the way it’s supposed to. It’s fruit drama. Does that make sense? No? Even better reason to try Hiyo for yourself.

Mocktail Club Soft Cocktails

This bottled, ready-to-drink n/a cocktail line features original flavors inspired by travel, not necessarily existing alcoholic drinks. We tried the Manhattan Berry, which doesn’t imitate a traditional Manhattan, but rather exists as its own creative interpretation of New York City itself! You can see the actual flecks of fruit and tea leaves in the bottle, and on the pour, a thick pink cloud of fizz builds up to invite you into the subtly sweet, absolutely divine concoction of pear shrub, blackberry, ginger, and tea. Combined, these ingredients produce an almost floral flavor profile that’s enhanced by the light bubbles and creates a vibe that’s both playful and relaxing at the same time. In other words, it’s an elevated experience for any sober person who wants to enhance their evening in a healthier way. We can’t wait to try all of the flavors — and support a black female-owned business while we’re at it!


If you’re looking for a beverage that feels and acts like champagne without the instant headache, Töst is the one for you. Even though our bottle had been stored on a stable shelf all day, upon uncapping, it foamed up and over just like we’d popped a festive bubbly on New Years Eve. It’s much drier than, say, a sparkling apple cider, which takes it to a more adult level, and its flavor profile is more tart and complex. We tried the original flavor (they also offer a rosé), and we’re tasting the cranberry and tea up front, while the ginger is less discernible but still there (it’s just not dominating like it would in, say, a Kombucha). We love that this drink focuses on the celebratory aspect of drinking, and doesn’t need the alcohol to feel lively and dynamic. It can also be used in mocktails for a pop of fizz and flavor. We’re obsessed!

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