Sober obsessions are little pockets of heaven for the mind, body, soul, and/or spirit. As sober folk, we’re big on delighting our palates, as you’ll see with our edible selections here, but we also love setting a vibe any which way we can. All of our staff selections are authentic (we paid for all of these items and genuinely love them and want to share the wealth). Let’s press pause on the demands of the day and lean into luxury with some sober obsessions!

Overose candles

We love scented candles and we got a tip about these ones from a trusted friend of Club Soda. We’re picky when it comes to a candle – we want to smell it, but we don’t want to feel like we’re inside of a Glade plug-in when we’re trying to take a calming bath. Bad scented candles can be literally triggering, from all the variations of Pumpkin Spice to Yankee Candle’s Schnitzel with Noodles (yes, that’s a real scent). We’d been in search of something *gently* floral with some actual staying power, an oddly hard combo to come by. Enter: Overose. Their signature Nudesse scent is a rose-based one, but without the cloying, powdery old lady vibes. These smell like freshly opened petals after a rainfall and impart your whole home with a sweet and lasting scent of pure delight.

Harry’s Berries

Have you heard of Harry’s berries? These little jewels need to be tasted to be believed. The whopping $15 price tag may put you off at first, but trust us, they will ruin you for all other strawberries. Think of the sweet, tart, candy-like essence of the ripest, jammiest strawberry you‘ve ever tasted. Then throw all that out and taste a *real* strawberry. This is the Harry’s experience. Smaller than the average grocery store strawberry, they’re no gimmick or lab creation, just organic strawberries grown the way they were supposed to by a small farm in Oxnard, CA that now has a cult following. They’re at markets all over California, but you can also find them at Eataly in NYC or Hy-Vee in the Midwest. Wherever you are, they are worth searching out. And when we think of how these babies would taste baked into a fresh strawberry pie or reduced down to preserves? Thank God it’s berry season!

Culina Yogurt

This caught our eye the first time we saw it because it came in a flower pot. Yes, yogurt in a little terra cotta pot nestled right between the plastic containers in the grocery store. That was a few years ago, and so cute and whimsical we thought we might have dreamed it; it never appeared on the shelves again. Cut to: today. The yogurt was back at the grocery store, this time in a glass jar. There was little choice in the matter. The Sour Cherry Almond flavor looked the most decadent and worthy of obsession, and it didn’t disappoint! Creamy, mild and not-too-tangy, Culina is perfect for a between-meals indulgence or a full blown dessert moment that won’t make you feel bloated. They reeled us in with the flower pot and now we’ll take that dreamy pink treat any which way we can!

SIJO eucalyptus sheets

The search for perfect bedding is harder than ever, with endless options low and extremely high end clogging Instagram, Amazon, and eBay. With SIJO, we found the perfect mid-range option that feels like a million bucks. They’re soft and silky, but breathable and don’t encourage night sweat stains (sorry, real silk, but there’s a time and a place). SIJO also carries French linen and cotton options, as well as cute loungewear. We’re sticking with the eucalyptus for summer because they’re so light but luxurious, and make every night crawling into bed feel like heaven on earth. If you’re bogged down with options and just want to glow up your sleep situation without breaking the bank, trust us: these are the ones.

Yoga with Adriene

We know that the Yoga with Adriene Youtube channel dominated in the early days of the pandemic, but we need to reiterate what an enduring gift these online classes are. There are hundreds of free lessons at all levels and lengths to choose from, and if you don’t want to pick, Adriene programs a monthly calendar of her favorites so there is a somewhat randomized video for every single day. We’ve taken many yoga classes, in person and virtually, but Adriene’s sweet-hearted candor and compassion keep us coming back to her videos over and over. Some perennial favorites are “Strengthen and Lengthen,” “Side Body Flow,” and “Yoga for the Future.” Warning: doing these videos on a regular basis may cause feelings of euphoria, self-love, and unexpected body confidence!

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