How to be a sober
babe in 5 easy steps

The cliche of the sad alcoholic– down on their luck and at “rock bottom”– is as limiting as the idea that drinking is the only way to have fun. So what defines the choice not to drink in 2022?

The modern approach to sobriety is often rooted in things other than alcohol dependency. Many of today’s non-drinkers express their desire for a more authentic, joyful life; health and wellness; self-care; and pursuit of one’s true purpose.

Self-actualization is part of the zeitgeist right now. And going alcohol-free, for obvious reasons, is a natural enhancement to that. What this means is that outwardly, sobriety doesn’t have to look like an imperative life or death decision. Nor is it a punishment or life sentence. It’s seen as an empowered choice that compliments a life well-lived.

Sobriety is vibrant, exciting, inclusive, and fun right now. As an added bonus, it glows you up; the elusive radiance sought in skin care can be jump-started simply by not drinking (and won’t cost you, like expensive spa treatments).

Sober babes have a lust for life, social ease, and effortlessly dewy complexions. So here are some ways to up your babe-liness as a newly (or oldly!) sober person.

Wardrobe glow-up.

You’re looking hotter, so dress better! Upgrading your style as a symbolic act of rebirth (stay with us, here) can be the most fun part of reinventing yourself. And with all the money you’re saving not buying overpriced cocktails, you can probably afford to splurge on some chic pieces to really get you feeling your best. If you can’t, at the very least get rid of the old duds that remind you of your blackout days. Which leads us to…

Spring cleaning, anytime of year.

You’re getting clear on how you want your life to look, sure, but don’t get overwhelmed: start with just your immediate surroundings. Create your dream home by clearing space for only things you love to look at and/or use. That means you can throw out gifts you’re keeping out of guilt, books you don’t read, and anything that triggers even a whisper of a bad memory. Dusty old knick-knack from your ex, we’re looking at you.

Healthy detox.

We’re not talking about a crash diet or total lifestyle overhaul here, we mean a short-term commitment to clean eating for anywhere from 24-72 hours. Juice cleanses are sooo 2009, and lots of elimination diets are just code for orthorexia, so we encourage whole foods-based plans that don’t focus on calorie restriction. Eating non-processed foods does wonders for your whole body, and the bright eyes and clear skin don’t hurt either. Eating right goes with not drinking like grease bombs go with hangovers. Yes, a match made in heaven.

Meditation practice.

With all the space you’ve cleared in your life in sobriety, why not Marie Kondo your mind as well? Even a few minutes in the morning can change your thought patterns throughout the whole day. And there’s no right or wrong way to meditate, contrary to popular belief– just sitting still and focusing on your breath is enough. Learning to redirect your attention to the present moment is a great skill that keeps us from obsessing over the past and future, and lowers stress in general.

Solo trip.

This doesn’t have to be ambitious– even just an overnight trip can do wonders for the soul. We say “solo” because traveling alone is way safer when you’re not muddied with booze, but any way you can get out of town is encouraged in sobriety. Think of all that you missed when you were drinking, and use a getaway as an excuse to really see and experience what’s around you in a way that you just can’t do when you’re drunk. Pick a place in or adjacent to nature to really get into that sunlight of the spirit! Sound lonely? Just think about how when you get back, you’ll be able to show the world the sober babe you’ve become.

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