Ashwin Chalaka

Dispatches from a sober curious

Are you curious about “sober curiosity”! Well, I’m six months into my sober curious journey and I wanted to share what’s changed since drinking took a backseat in my life. I was never what *I* would have called a “problem drinker.” Alcohol didn’t seem to impact my work, my relationships, or my health. But when Dispatches from a sober curious


As sober people, we like to indulge just as much as the next person– sometimes more (insert ‘that’s what got us here in the first place’ joke here). But seriously, sober people are far from boring, and neither is our taste in food and drink. This is a special place for us to talk about SOBER OBSESSIONS

“My date blacked out at dinner” (and other stories
from the sober trenches)

So you’re sober and navigating dating apps– first of all, bless your heart. You’re truly doing the Lord’s work out there. They should give out war medals to people like you. Or at the very least, some kind of Nobel Peace Prize. For those of you who don’t think you can live to tell the “My date blacked out at dinner” (and other stories <br>from the sober trenches)</br>