As sober people, we like to indulge just as much as the next person– sometimes more (insert ‘that’s what got us here in the first place’ joke here). But seriously, sober people are far from boring, and neither is our taste in food and drink. This is a special place for us to talk about our most decadent indulgences; no rabbit food or bottled water here. Feel free to submit your own favorite drool-worthy recipes, mocktails, desserts, snacks… whatever wets your whistle in that sinfully delicious way.

What these items all have in common is hard to sum up in words, but one phrase that comes to mind is joie de vivre. These are special things that make us feel drunk without alcohol, whether on flavor, presentation, or just plain vibe. They feel extravagant, and even, in their own way, intoxicating.

Honey Mama’s Cocoa Truffle Bars

These raw, gluten-free vegan chocolates are heaven on earth. Made with minimal ingredients, they pack a punch that make Hershey bars taste like oatmeal in comparison; no refined sugar puts the chocolate center stage and lets it shine in a way we’ve never experienced before. They’re solid like a candy bar but melt instantly in your mouth like frosting. We love their inventive flavor combinations (ginger and cardamom) and non-soapy use of botanicals (lavender rose). Collect them all and keep in your fridge or freezer to impress guests (or just yourself) with a truly elevated dessert that looks like a candy-coated library and tastes like a million bucks. A little goes a long way!

LaCroix Limoncello

Yes, it’s a zero calorie sparkling water, but there’s something so luxurious about this effervescent flavor. Unlike real limoncello, this is bubbly and you’re encouraged to down whole cans of it at a time. And you’ll want to, with its luscious lemony flavor and slightly vanilla finish. It’s best enjoyed super cold and fizzy, even more so than other Lacroix flavors, so pour over ice and drink up before it gets flat! We don’t think that will be a problem, though.

NYT cooking app

Wanna live your best life? The NYT Cooking app has thousands of recipes for lavish, sprawling meals (as well as plenty of simpler ones, but we’re focusing on decadence here). Here are the quietly simmering bolognese, the delicate Thai-inspired meatball, the rose-petal speckled,cardamom-scented cream cake. The entire process of cooking a tried-and-true NYT classic feels like a ritual, from selecting fresh ingredients from the grocery store (or if you’re feeling really committed, the farmers market) to the moment your mouth-watering concoction hits the candle-garnished table. Quick recipes abound, but we love putting hours aside to cook a meal in a leisurely fashion, savoring the whole process. Plus, the comments section full of bougie bickering about recipe specifics is more entertaining than any bar brawl!

Freshe Small Meals

We know what you’re thinking: fancy fish in a tin? Well, you’ve never had it quite like this.

These European-inspired, artisanal “small meals” consist of wild tuna preserved in olive oil alongside vibrant herbs, vegetables and legumes that embrace global cuisine. They can be used to mix into salads, or enjoyed on their own with or without bread or crackers. They’re rich and lively without being heavy, and bring an old-world sophistication with flavors like Sicilian Caponata and Aztec Ensalata.

Alcohol free IPA

Even if you’re not the near-beer type, an AF IPA is worth trying. True to the flavor profile of regular beer, these AF substitutions have a piquant, citrusy depth that is leagues from the bitter flatness of other brews. Some varieties are lighter, while others have an earthiness reminiscent of unripened cheese, pine, and malt. Okay, so that might sound a little “experimental”– trust us, your palate deserves to go on this adventure! Plus, there’s nothing quite like holding an ice cold can of something at a beach or bbq, and it’s nice to have an alternative to LaCroix.

Have a sober delight you want to share? DM us on socials @meetclubsoda and we’ll sing its sober praises in a future “Obsessions” entry!

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